A Visitor

Dear Odocoileus virginianus,

Thanks for stopping by a couple of years ago with your lovely children. See above for the picture of the fawns. I have since cleaned up that shed — it’s my neighbors’ but since the back faces my property/is actually on my property line — my wife and I took the liberty of painting it.

As I live near one of Cook County’s Forest Preserves (see map above), I assume it wasn’t far for you to walk over, although I hope you were careful crossing the railroad tracks. My family enjoyed the company.


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One Response to A Visitor

  1. steve burton says:

    Mmm…good eating! (Coincidentally, I’m fixing up some deer chili for dinner tonight).

    I know it’s easy for city folk to get all sentimental about white tailed deer – I mean, it’s BAMBI! – but, really, they’re a terrible pest. They trample whatever they don’t eat in your garden, and the bucks absolutely *destroy* young evergreens in the Fall and Winter.

    Into the cooking pot with them, say I.

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