Always Tip the Car Wash Guy

A car wash customer shot dead a Logan Square car wash worker who accused him of being a lousy tipper, prosecutors allege.

Marcus Gordon, 40, was denied bail Sunday by Judge James Brown after prosecutors outlined how he allegedly murdered Cesar Rosales, 43, after an argument at the Citgo car wash at 1345 N. Pulaski last Aug. 6.

Gordon, of the 5200 block of West Ferdinand, took his black 2002 Toyota Camry to be washed around 5 p.m. but got in a fight with staff after they refused to dry his car because he had a reputation for not tipping, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Morgan Creppel said.

Gordon, whose street name is “Shorty G,” left the car wash but returned 30 minutes later and shot Rosales in the chest, Creppel said. Rosales, of the 2200 block of North Kildare, died that day at Stroger Hospital.

Before he died, he “stumbled into the store and made a dying declaration that the guy they had fought with earlier came back for him, came back to kill him,” Creppel said.

Gordon was identified by several witnesses and was eventually arrested Friday morning on the 100 block of South Springfield after officers spotted him riding in a pal’s Ford Taurus, according to a police report.

He has several prior felony convictions, records show.

Rosales’ girlfriend, Luz Montanez, exclaimed “God is good!” when she learned Sunday that Gordon had been arrested and charged.

Rosales “lived for his eight children” who are aged 12 to 20 and live in his homeland of Guatemala, she said.

Rosales emigrated in 2001 and worked as a welder but took on extra work at the car wash so he could send money to Guatemala, she said.

“He worked for tips,” Montanez said. “There were no wages other than tips.”

Rosales had complained to her previously about a couple of difficult customers who refused to tip, she said.

“His family will be so happy to hear they have caught someone.”

– from the March 28th Chicago Sun-Times

Dear Liberal Friends,

Where to begin? Note the reporter’s use of the neutral phrase “Rosales emigrated in 2001” as if he got a green card and came here legally. If the reporter wasn’t inflected with liberal bias, the story would properly say, “When Rosales illegally entered the country in 2001…” but the Sun-Times is hopelessly biased in favor of illegal immigration so what do you expect. Also note that Mr. Rosales is quite the family man — he lived for his eight children and yet apparently didn’t think much of their mother, hence the girlfriend here in Chicago. Finally, there is the delightful “Shorty G” who not only thought it was a good idea to settle his dispute with Rosales by shooting him in the chest, but has “several prior felony convictions”. Isn’t diversity grand?

P.S. I used to live in Logan Square, but north and east of the car wash mentioned — like most Chicago neighborhoods, Logan Square is actually rather large geographically speaking and the area I lived in was the most upscale, gentrified area (i.e. white).

P.P.S. The car wash owners are also scumbags for hiring illegals and not paying them any wages. The problem of illegal immigration will only be solved when we go after the businesses that hire illegals as well as the illegals themselves.


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3 Responses to Always Tip the Car Wash Guy

  1. steve burton says:

    Wow. What can one say?

  2. Sage says:

    It took me a while to accept it, but I really do believe one of the best policies we could pursue to reduce illegal immigration would be to require employers to provide every employee, legal or no, the exact same wages and benefits required when employing an American citizen. Sure, it incentivizes illegal immigration on the one hand, but it cuts that incentive off at the knees by eliminating any incentive for hiring illegals to begin with. If I had to employ a competent, English-speaking American high-school kid or an illegal immigrant, I’d choose the American every time, unless I could get some significant material advantage with the illegal. Take away that advantage and suddenly the market for foreign labor dissipates.

    The big hole in that idea is that the left never sleeps, and their next step would be to enforce EEOC standards on businesses such that generally hiring the American over the Mexican illegal would be treated as discrimination of the “disparate impact” variety.

    • Fake Herzog says:


      I think your idea is interesting and certainly not something I had ever considered, but I wonder why it would be any easier to enforce than simply requiring employers to check immigration status in a serious way (i.e. something they don’t do now). In other words, you are absolutely correct that the incentive to hire an illegal in most cases is their cheap wage and that wage is in turn often the result of the fact that the illegal is “off the books”. But if we are going to enforce getting the illegal “on the books” why not just enforce a real citizen ID program in the first place that employers could count on and would cooperate with federal authorities to catch illegals trying to game the system?

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