The Greatest Multi-Cultural Kurd Since Saladin

Dear World,

In case you couldn’t figure it out from the post title, I’m obviously talking about Kurdish-Swedish PhD student in Public Policy at the University of Chicago (my alma mater!), Tino Sanandaji. His latest smack-down of Richard Florida is must reading. Here is the opening paragraph:

Richard Florida is a urban theorist, famous for his book “The Rise of the Creative Class”. The book argues that since liberal cities with a large concentration of high-tech industries such as San Francisco and Boston have plenty of street musicians and gay bars, street musicians and gay bars must be causing the high-tech sector.

If there was any justice in the world, Tino will get his PhD, become a tenured professor and write many books that become best-sellers by reminding people that the conventional wisdom is often right and people like Malcolm Gladwell and Richard Florida are snake-oil salesmen.

P.S. I just added Tino to the blogroll.


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One Response to The Greatest Multi-Cultural Kurd Since Saladin

  1. steve burton says:

    Kurdish-Swedish – now how often do you come across that description?

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