What to do when the tent gets too big…

Dear Peter Brimelow,

Your website, VDARE, is an important source of information for patriotic Americans who are tired of the silliness about immigration coming from the mainstream media — you host authors (like Steve Sailer) and cover stories (like this shameful article about the corrupt blueberry growers in Florida) that other newspapers and magazines won’t host/cover. For these reasons, you deserve congratulations and praise.

Which is why it pains me to ask you to please, please, please get rid of the totally crazy Paul Craig Roberts. He is an embarrassment to your website and to all clear-thinking conservatives. It is one thing to criticize the Bush Presidency and/or foreign policy — it is another in the same article to ignorantly praise the leftist writer Matt Taibbi (who basically knows as much about economics as I know about ancient Malaysian sculpture) while at the same time treat a Truther with admiration and respect. I’d like to put some nano-thermite in an inappropriate place on Mr. Roberts’ body he is so ridiculous — the old fool actually makes me angry!

So I beseech you, Mr. Brimelow, your website (and the cause of immigration restriction) looses a lot of credibility when you continue to host crazies like Paul Craig Roberts. Get rid of him!


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One Response to What to do when the tent gets too big…

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    In my experience with them, having worked with them on the same staff, Brimelow is a bit crazier than Roberts.

    Both can write well, they love their writing more than they love the stuff they write about.

    You’d do better to read other stuff on immigration, and leave those guys alone. Maybe start here:
    or here:

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