Is it Supposed to be Ironic?

Dear Ed Darrell,

What’s the deal with your blog title? As I ask in the title of this post, are you trying to be ironic since you are always “striving for accuracy” according to your own words and Mencken made up the story about Fillmore installing the first White House bathtub? Unfortunately, when it comes to accuracy (and to be frank, basic argumentative analysis and logic) you aren’t doing a very good job. But since you acknowledge that you are “striving”, let me encourage you to keep it up 🙂

I love it when liberals stumble across a conservative blog that they assume is run by a “ranter” and are quickly disabused of their assumptions!


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2 Responses to Is it Supposed to be Ironic?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    You could read here:

    What is either inaccurate, or illogical about that post? Come on over and tell us.

  2. Fake Herzog says:

    Thanks for the explanation — if I had poked around I could have found that myself, which goes to show that even smart conservatives can be lazy sometimes 🙂

    I already commented plenty on that post — that’s why I linked to it. Part of the problem with your website is that while I certainly disagree with a lot of what you have to say, you generally seem like a reasonable guy and you also seem genuinely knowledgable about stuff — the same cannot be said for your fan “Nick K”.

    Anyway, I look forward to our continuing debate — maybe one of these days I’ll convince you of the error of your ways!

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