Why so quick to use the word “dumb”?

Dear Matthew Yglesias,

I don’t regularly read your blog, as every time I do I find your writing turgid and your analysis woefully simplistic and chock full of standard cliched liberal assumptions. Take for example, this relatively recent post (HT: Foseti) in which you accuse Newt Gingrich of forcing you to admit “black people are dumb”. Don’t you understand anything about intelligence? Have you ever cracked open Herrnstein’s and Murray’s masterwork The Bell Curve? Do you understand what a bell curve is? If you do then maybe you would understand there is a difference between claiming that racial/ethnic groups have mean intelligence scores that differ by a standard deviation or two and claiming that some groups are “dumb” and some are not. Of course, you would also understand that given these racial/ethnic realities means that it is well past time to comlain about “problems with poorly performing schools in the United States” — instead we need to start facing the reality of Bad Students Not Bad Schools.

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2 Responses to Why so quick to use the word “dumb”?

  1. Kiwiguy says:

    Of course, the reason the schools are bad is because of the students attending them. If they were Chinese they’d be great schools.

    Jason Richwine also recently wrote about the myth racial disparity in school funding.


  2. Fake Herzog says:

    Thanks for stopping by Kiwiguy!

    Richwine has quickly become one of my favorite policy analysts/bloggers, whose work can now be found over at “The Enterprise Blog” (see my link on the right). Here is a great older piece by him challenging the notion that all immigration is created equal:


    Don’t be a stranger!

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