I Probably Could Use An Editor

Dear “The Czar of Muscovy”,

Thanks so much for publishing my grab bag of comments to The Gorgomons, which has become one of my favorite places on (or is it “in”?) the blogosphere for smart and witty right-of-center commentary concerning the news of the day. In a strange coincidence of events, just this morning on “Morning Air” (Relevant Radio, 950 AM for all my Chicago readers), Sean had on a Professor of Philosophy from the University of St. Francis (small world — when it was just the College of St. Francis, my mother was a student there) who talked a great deal about Harrison Bergeron. You can listen to the conversation by clicking this link and then by clicking on “Hour 2” and fast forwarding to about the 1:35 mark. The discussion is a good reminder of how any kind of state imposed equality, other than equality before the law, is inimical to human dignity and our Catholic faith.


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One Response to I Probably Could Use An Editor

  1. You, good sir, are most welcome. And the Czar thus speaks truly when he says that this is one of the best blog formats in the universe (and we have indeed been to several). Witty, clever, and always poignant.

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