He’s Worse Than You Think

Dear Alpheus,

I don’t have much to add to your delightful post from Sunday, May 22 (which I’m just getting around to reading this week), ridiculing the Biblical exegesis of Nicholas Kristof. I do however, want to add a couple of points. First, there is a wonderful smack-down of Kristof in the latest Commentary by James Kirchick which is not yet available online (besides, you should be subscribing to Commentary anyway!) The article focuses on how Kristof was duped by the “Three Cups of Tea” guy and how liberals in general are so quick to believe the narrative that all our foreign policy problems can be solved by ‘building more schools instead of bombs’. Secondly, regarding the ridiculous Jennifer Wright Knust and what the Bible actually says about human sexuality, the go to guy on this topic is Robert Gagon. He already dealt with her silliness over at his website. The bottom line is that no matter how you want to twist it, the Bible is very clear about human sexuality — as Gagon puts it — “every biblical narrative, law, proverb, exhortation, metaphor, and poetry in the Bible that has anything to do with sexual relationships presumes a male-female prerequisite – no exceptions.”

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