Crisis Magazine

Dear ‘Puter,

Did you ever check out the website “Inside Catholic”? Without much fanfare (or at least without any fanfare I noticed), they transformed themselves to an online magazine called “Crisis”.

Anyway, I thought you’d be interested since you and I have both been following the kerfuffle surounding Paul Ryan’s budget and Speak Boehner’s speech at Catholic University, and Rev. Sirico weighs in again on the issue over at their website. There is also a good article about the same issue by George Weigel, although I gather it is just his regular column which is distributed by the Archdiocese of Denver.

So check out the website and bookmark it as it is a lively source of morally serious, intellectually sound, traditional Catholic thought. And while you are there, sign up for the free newsletter published (on dead trees!) by Benedictine College called The Georgian. I’m getting it at the house and you can’t beat free!

P.S. I’ve updated my blogroll with the new name.


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