You’ll Be Missed

I’m shutting down this blog. In a moment I’ll explain a bit about why, and what might come next, but first a word about what’s still here.

Blogs are a very ephemeral type of writing. No-one reads old blog-posts, or entire blogs from cover to cover. They can be a useful way of saying immediate things, but they’re not very good for saying anything of lasting value. Indeed, most of what I’ve written here these past four years hasn’t been durable. Some bits, however, perhaps have, or so I’d like to hope. These parts I’ve now collected in a short series of pages, listed at the upper left corner of this screen. There are three such series:

At Don’t Divide Jerusalem I’ve collected links to the 15 essays I wrote explaining and demonstrating why I think the idea of dividing Jerusalem is a travesty which, should it ever be implemented, will be the root of the next war.

At Seeking Peace, Living at War I collected the dozen or so essays about war and peace which I hope will have some value for readers who might stumble upon them even well after they were written.

At Jewish Culture, Israeli Culture I told about the Daf Yomi series I ran here, and about the Shirim Ivri’im one.

Dear Mr. Lozowick,

I always thought you had one of the best blogs around when it came to Israel, this despite your self-described political affiliation with the left. I’ll keep you on my blogroll, as my readers are still advised to check your blog’s archives out for excellent material on Israeli history, politics, society, etc. I wish you all the best in your new position and I’ll check out your new website from time to time and be sure to comment on the material there. Good luck!


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