Please End Affirmative Action, Reason #214

The Desiree Effect . . .

Scoopsville: Guess whose name shows up in the list of minority investors in the Rivers Casino, which is scheduled to open in Des Plaines next month: Former White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers!

◆ Dem data: The principal owner of the casino, real estate mogul Neil Bluhm, is a top Dem fund-raiser.

◆ Due date: The Illinois Gaming Board is poised to vote on the list of minority investors Tuesday. (The Gaming Board license required that 20 percent of the investors be women and minorities.)

◆ A history note: This casino is the recipient of the state’s coveted 10th license, which originally was supposed to go to Rosemont.

◆ Background: The 147,000-square-foot casino, the first to be introduced to Illinois since the mid- 90s, has seven different food and beverage options, including a Hugo’s Frog Bar and Chop House. The casino, which cost $445 million, will offer 1,200 gaming positions ranging from slots to roulette.

– Michael Sneed, Chicago Sun-Time, June 13, 2011 8:36PM

Dear Illinois General Assembly,

What were you thinking when you passed the “minority investor law”? That the terrible legacy of slavery and racial discrimination had to be rectified by helping rich and successful black individuals by allowing them to be investors in the State’s various casinos? How does that justify the set-aside for women? The whole law is ridiculous and pathetic. I am excited about the new casino though — it is only about 20 minutes from my house and the food options seem excellent!


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