On The Massacre Of The Christians In Bulgaria

Christ, dost thou live indeed? or are thy bones
Still straightened in their rock-hewn sepulcher?
And was thy Rising only dreamed by Her
Whose love of thee for all her sin atones?
For here the air is horrid with men’s groans,
The priests who call upon thy name are slain,
Dost thou not hear the bitter wail of pain
From those whose children lie upon the stones?
Come down, O Son of God! incestuous gloom
Curtains the land, and through the starless night
Over thy Cross the Crescent moon I see!
If thou in very truth didst burst the tomb
Come down, O Son of Man! and show thy might,
Lest Mahomet be crowned instead of Thee!

– Oscar Wilde, 1881

Dear Oscar,

I thought you were an agnostic fop who could care less about Christians or Bulgarians or the advancing Islamic horde of the late 19th century. Let’s be thankful that today Bulgaria is still a Christian nation, although sadly there aren’t many Christians (or Jews) left in their ancestral homelands of Asia Minor (i.e. Turkey).

HT: Auster


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2 Responses to On The Massacre Of The Christians In Bulgaria

  1. Very good find! I had never read that Wilde poem before.

  2. Fake Herzog says:

    Thanks Czar — it makes sense you’d like the poem, as I know you tend to think of all the Orthodox around the world as your honorary subjects 🙂

    I hope all is well and I’m glad you are checking in with me from time to time!

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