Maybe The Media Ignores the Story Because it now has a “Dog Bites Man” Quality

On Sunday, an Israeli Arab, on his way back from work, relied on his GPS to guide him through a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem on a shortcut home.

A Jewish child in the neighborhood spotted the man, a 28-year-old worker in a moving company, and began yelling “Arab! Arab!” In seconds, Jewish children came running from all sides, and began pelting the man with stones. Bloodied and afraid for his life, the Arab man pleaded with the children to stop, but the onslaught continued.

Finally, an old man from the neighborhood pulled the man out of his car and into his house, where they called the hospital.

A heinous, racist assault, right? What kind of society can pretend they seek peace when the first instinct of their children is to assault Arab drivers? Clearly, these children are being taught to hate.

You haven’t heard about this story because only the Israeli press covered it, and because it actually happened the other way around.

Nir Nachshon followed his GPS into the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Issawiya, where children of all ages attacked him with stones, sticks, kicks, and punches. Only the brave actions of one of the village elders and his sons saved his life.

The implications of this incident are truly chilling. These are children, living in the heart of Jerusalem next to Hebrew University, and their immediate reaction to a Jew driving through their neighborhood is to beat him mercilessly. When he begged for them to stop, said Nachshon, “I looked especially at the small children, expecting to find a little sympathy there,” but found none.

It’s not hard to imagine the reaction from the press, the United Nations, and a myriad of NGOs if it were Jewish children attacking an Arab driver. But when it’s a Jewish Israeli clubbed almost to death, they show about as much compassion as the children of Issawiya.

– from Lazar Berman on “The Enterprise Blog”

Dear Mr. Berman,

Thanks for bringing this story to my attention. More proof, as if it were needed, that we won’t have peace between the two sides for a very long time. Sadly, we should all be outraged at the behavior of the West Bank Arabs, but they have proven time and time again to be blood-thirsty savages when it comes to their Jewish neighbors. Thanks be to God that not all of them are as evil as this younger generation seems to be turning out, no doubt influenced by the “religion of peace”.


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2 Responses to Maybe The Media Ignores the Story Because it now has a “Dog Bites Man” Quality

  1. Lydia McGrew says:

    Since this was actually in Jerusalem, I wonder if these are Israeli citizen Arabs.

    • Fake Herzog says:

      It’s a good question as some of Israel’s own Arab citizens have increasing become a sort of “fifth column” over the years. Which is why the “right of return” for the Palestinians is absolutely non-negotiable for the Israelis — those Arabs would immediately swap the Jewish population and change the character of the state. If only the Jews in America could understand the same dynamic is at work when it comes to immigration from Central America!

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