Unamusement Park

This is an unusual post, in that I’m going to let readers do most of the talking. To be precise: readers of NBC Chicago’s local news.

Recently, I covered Chicago’s wave of Black mob violence in early June, and how the media tried to justify censoring race. Mainly by shaming Whites for daring to notice Black people behaving badly, as it turns out. Yesterday, I thought it was safe to move on to Black mob violence in another city.

Apparently I was wrong.

Today (Tuesday, June 28), NBC Chicago ran a story with the intriguing title “Woman Believes Beach Violence Covered Up” (with video). It’s awfully popular for local news. The day’s second most-read local story, “Lura Lynn Died With Ryan By Her Side,” currently boasts 16 comments and 111 Facebook recommendations, but 0 Tweets. “Woman Believes Beach Violence Covered Up,” on the other hand, has 80 comments, 350 recommendations, and 103 Tweets, and those numbers are steadily rising. According to NBC’s clever little emotional response meter, 92 percent of readers are “furious.”

Gee guys, what’s all the fuss about?

– from “Unamusement Park”, June 29, 2011

Dear Unamused,

At times your blog can be a bit crude, but you are clearly an important, clever and rigorously intelligent voice on the reactionary right helping people understand why race matters. Please keep up the good work and may I suggest creating more of your wonderful flyers — they really do an excellent job of consolidating a large amount of important information in one easy to read summary that will be useful to all of us who want to fight HBD lies.

Keep up the good work and glad to have you shining your intellect on my beloved Chicago (I just added you to my blogroll). There is indeed hope for my city…


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2 Responses to Unamusement Park

  1. Unamused says:

    Why, I never! I f***ing resent the idea that I am f***ing crude! What the f****** g****** s***-c*** is this b***-g******* c**-c******* — actually, yeah, you have a point there. Resentment retracted.

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