What do Optimus Prime, Ken Jeong, and Downtown Chicago have in common?

Dear Michael Bay,

So I saw Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon last weekend and it was a lot of fun. Just a couple of comments on the movie from a fan:

1) Chicago just looked great. Your other big location was “D.C.” which needs to be in quotes because it was obvious you were using a bunch of Chicago and Midwest locations for your “D.C.” scenes. For example, the Patrick Dempsey character has an art gallery in “D.C.” which is immediately recognizable to most Chicagoans as the beautiful addition to the Milwaukee Museum of Art.

2) Your great chase scene, again supposedly taking place in “D.C.”, I could recognize in the background as the infamous place where one of your extras was seriously hurt in northwest Indiana (near the casinos by Gary, not that I hang out at the casinos or anything). I hope that young girl continues to recover.

3) Ken Jeong (!) has a couple of scenes – and you basically let Ken be Ken for his scenes. I don’t know how you pulled it off, but those scenes are so good that they are practically worth the price of admission alone. Malkovich’s scenes are also good. It just adds to the pleasure of the movie that you can now bring in good supporting actors and let them have some fun.

4) Did I mention Chicago looked great? The final battle in downtown Chicago is just awesome and really shows off our city nicely. I loved it.

I hope other directors who now have seen Dark Knight and this film realize just how beautiful our downtown can be (and how gritty some of the rest of the city can be) and production companies keep coming here to make more movies.


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2 Responses to What do Optimus Prime, Ken Jeong, and Downtown Chicago have in common?

  1. Steve Sailer says:

    I liked how Patrick Dempsey’s evil lair in Chicago was in the new 98 story Trump International hotel on the River, but not on the top floor. It was in “the Lower Penthouse,” which might be the restaurant Sixteen on the 16th floor. That’s the kind of thing that Donald Trump gets right — he noticed Chicago looks best not from the top of the supertall buildings (e.g., the Sears Tower observation deck is just too high to be really interesting), but from a few dozen stories up where you are right in amongst the skyscrapers, especially the 1920s Art Deco buildings on the River.

    The wingsuit flying among the towers is wild.

    • Fake Herzog says:

      You are so right — this phenomenon of Chicago looking really good from about 20 to 25 stories up is why this new rooftop bar has become one of the hottest places in Chicago: http://www.roofonthewit.com/. It opened on top of a new hotel building that was completed just to the south (and west) of Trump Tower, after the Donald opened up his building.

      Meanwhile, I wish I saw Bay filming those wingsuit scenes — I did drive by Optimus Prime one day parked right at Jackson and LaSalle (right in front of the Board of Trade building). I didn’t have a camera with me though…I need to join the 21st Century…

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