You say tomato and I say tomahtoe…

It’s interesting to note, then, how “Islamists,” such as Zayyat, who appear tenacious about upholding Sharia, sometimes advocate positions that actually contradict it. To understand this phenomenon, one must first understand “Islamism” — a hybrid abomination of sorts, whereby the better principles of Western civilization are absorbed and rearticulated within a distinctly Muslim paradigm. For instance, the Western stress on human freedom, human dignity, and universal justice is, for Islamists, transformed into a stress on Muslim freedom, Muslim dignity, and Muslim justice — all, naturally, at the sake of the infidel.

Raymond Ibrahim, “When Muslims Are More Radical Than Islamists”, Pajamas Media

Dear Mr. Ibrahim,

Your piece was depressing although I thought it worthy of a link given my last post. Meanwhile, I wonder if like many worthy critics of the ‘religion of peace’, you are too quick to dismiss other Muslim voices who are authentic reformers trying to reshape Islam into something approaching a religion that can live with the West? I know they are a minority, but surely the fact that we don’t read about many Indonesian, Malaysian, or Albanian fanatics (although they do exist) should give us hope that the ever elusive moderate Muslim does exist in the wild and should be studied and encouraged!

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