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A Good Book Review from the Increasingly Good “Foseti”

Review of “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Steven Pinker I started this book 99.5% sure violence had declined over time. I finished it 65% violence had declined over time and 100% sure that Steven Pinker needs a more … Continue reading

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A Perfect Summary of My Political Views

Why I am Not a Libertarian by Nathan Schlueter March 26, 2012 Libertarianism and conservatism are often lumped together, but there are fundamental differences between the two philosophies that make them incompatible. The contemporary Tea Party Movement, like its revolutionary … Continue reading

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I Respectfully Disagree With the Bishops…And As a Good Catholic You Can Do That!

US bishops to back federal government in immigration dispute with Arizona March 23, 2012 In a letter urging the speaker of the House of Representatives to work for the speedy passage of immigration reform legislation, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New … Continue reading

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Calling all monarchists, reactionaries, and skeptics of democracy…

Vote_Totals2_3_20_12 …I think you’ll like this story: I’m working as a Republican election judge yesterday on the northwest side of Chicago (clicl on the link above for the final tally of votes for the Presidential contest) and a woman walks … Continue reading

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Why They Pay Ross The Big Bucks

March 13, 2012, 2:29 pm Race, Republicans and Realignment So long as I’m arguing with Jonathan Chait about the nature of the Republican Party, I should say something about his recent case for treating white ethnocentrism as the core of … Continue reading

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A Time For Civil Disagreements

Why do these “elite” marriages work? First, because those entering into them – including the precious innocent lovely sweet darling straight-A-student goody-two-shoe tastefully-dressed ladies among them – are sexually active from, say, 18 until marriage at 28. Not necessarily super-active, … Continue reading

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