Calling all monarchists, reactionaries, and skeptics of democracy…


…I think you’ll like this story:

I’m working as a Republican election judge yesterday on the northwest side of Chicago (clicl on the link above for the final tally of votes for the Presidential contest) and a woman walks up to our precinct table. We ask her if she wants the Democratic or Republican ballot. She says, “do I have to tell you which one I want?” We patiently explain to her (because she is not the first one to complain of this requirement), that yes, she does have to tell us, because this is a primary and in Illinois you have to declare a party to vote in that party’s election. She looks at us for a second with a pained expression on her face and says, “what party is Barack Obama a member of?” We tell her, “Democratic Party”. She says, “I’ll have the Republican ballot”.

Now, on the one hand, this confirms every reactionary’s worst fears about mass democracy and low information voters. On the other hand, she did know that it was important not to vote for Obama, so maybe there is hope for November!


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4 Responses to Calling all monarchists, reactionaries, and skeptics of democracy…

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Alternative explanation: she was clueless but also an “operation sabotage” or whatever type of person, trying to vote for a weak opponent for Obama

  3. spandrell says:

    There is no hope. She doesn’t know Romney is no different from Obama. Which is no different from Bush.
    Presidents count for shit.

  4. ChevalierdeJohnstone says:

    Or, she’s smart enough to realize that declaring you’re a Republican who plans to vote against Obama can get you killed in some parts of Chicago.

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