An Inspiration To Us All

When the Conservative looks outward upon his world, he sees a great deal to love and cherish. Much is dear to him, and his contentment is often very evident. His world is not shattered by the revelation that men are, more often than not, rapacious and deceitful. He feels deep indignation at injustice, but he does not expect true justice from man, much less from the politics of men. What he expects are approximations of justice; and he perceives that, certainly in our day, most classes of injustice lie not in some obstinate clinging to poor approximations, but in impatient betrayals of good ones. His objection to Progress is usually just an objection to decay and obscurantism masquerading as progress. History is really not replete with aspiring tyrants or fatal visionaries who safely advertised their calamitous ideas as awful, oppressive, sanguinary Decline, thus allowing good men to thwart them. Quite the contrary. Oakeshott gave us a fine phrase for the proper politics of Conservatism: the “politics of repair.” Not merely, as should be immediately apparent, repair of the good things undone by the malcontents, but also repair of those good things that have grown frail or exhausted: the reform of what ought to be preserved but will not survive the impatient intrigues of our impatient times.

– from the What’s Wrong with the World blog (their five year anniversary post!)

Dear Editors of “What’s Wrong with the World”,

It is kind of amazing how well that first post of yours has held up all these years — I guess that is a testament to the timeless truths of Conservative wisdom 😉 As just one example among many, this sentence was particularly prescient:

“Our leaders conceive of new “wars” on social blights every other year.”

As if on cue, we have the latest Democratic talking point being the so-called Republican “war on women”, which I believe follows the First Lady’s war on obesity. Etc., etc.

I can only wish you another five years of blogging success and my prayers are with you and your families. God bless the work you do!


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One Response to An Inspiration To Us All

  1. Paul J Cella says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I am constrained — though only out of manly rhetorical competition — to note that a lot of what I wrote in that essay was informed by reading in the tradition exemplified by Wendell Berry.

    Has the esteemed Editor of I’m Not Herzog ever read Chesterton’s essays in critique of Capitalism? I happen to regard Chesterton as the very sanest man in all the modern age.

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