I’m Baaack…

Dear Friends, Family, and the Occassional Reader Who Stumbles on This Blog Devoted Readers,

For the past couple of months I took a break from this wonderful blog so I could devote my energies elsewhere. But because the silence was deafening and driving me crazy you were all clamoring for my return, I’ve decided to get back into the swing of things.

Where have I been these past three months with no posts? Well, in another one of my identities, I have been successfully blogging; but I want to keep the two personae separate, so I need to stay mysterious about the other blog. However, you can find Fake Herzog popping up in the comment section of this crazy leftist American expatriate who now lives in Paris. There is something about him I find fascinating, although his political and moral views are such a caricature of a left-wing professor that if I made him up you wouldn’t believe me.

I also have been enjoying reding and commenting at this new group blog, which is sort of about American culture and politics.

I’ll be adding more posts soon, so be on the lookout for the return of your favorite fake literary character.


About Fake Herzog

See the about page on the blog.
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One Response to I’m Baaack…

  1. OKay, so THERE you are. Yeah, some of us wondered what happened.

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