Trade War (Rhetorical Only)!

Dear Dan, Scott, and Vox Day,

Dan Griswold, you are one of the libertarian movement’s leading intellectual forces behind the idea that globalization is good for the U.S. economy and free trade (including the free movement of peoples, i.e. lots of immigration) enhances the common good.

Likewise, Scott Lincicome, you are also a CATO Institute scholar who writes about free trade, globalization, and immigration and you support all three as good for the U.S.

I think you are both wrong about immigration already, but I’m increasing becoming skeptical about the case for unrestricted free trade as well. The guy who is making me a skeptic is all-around internet super-genius Vox Day. You can check out his blog posts on the subject here.

I have a simple request. I want to see/read you debate the subject of free trade. I’d be happy to moderate and consider myself a pretty good debate judge, having debated in high school and then judged debate for many years afterwards (I was a better judge than I was a debater). We can agree on the format once we agree on the specific topic (e.g. Resolved: Free trade has increased the economic well-being for the average U.S. citizen over the past 200 years). I would recommend Vox host the debate at his website as he has a large readership and his readers would be open to good arguments from the other side.

Any interest gentlemen?

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