The problem with reactionaries, part 1

“You lost me at the cross. Look, philosophically, to the degree there is a first cause to our plight, it it starts with Jesus Christ. Everything bad that´s happened since ultimately stems from him and his disciple Paul. He was the Primordial Dirt Man (the spiritual-leader of the unwashed-masses in Camp Of The Saint). To the degree Christianity later become something better, it was because of the Roman and Germanic aristocracy super-imposing the principles of paganism on the Christian religion. That, of course, could not last forever and with the coming of the printing press and scientific-thought the ideas contained in the bible could no longer be suppressed from the secular masses…Luckily most of the heavy-lifting has already been done for us. The hidden-cause of the great 20th century reaction – that great movements that despite all its mistakes and moral failings almost brought the force that have now morphed into the Cathedral to its end – stems directly from the writings of the hermit of Sils-Maria, Friedrich Nietzsche. The Italian futurists, the German conservative revolutionaries and all the other movements that laid the foundation for the Fascist revolution where indebted to Nietzsche. In fact, they were the new philosophers, the breakers and makers of values, whose coming he prophesied.”

– from a comment thread on “The Specialization of Reaction” post from the Thumotic blog

Dear Sils-Marius,

You represent one of the problems I have with the reactionary blogosphere — some of it (but not all) is actively confused about and hostile to Christianity. But a couple of other commenters take you to task, including this guy who wins the comment of the year:

Last I checked, Nietzsche was still pushing up daisies.

When a real ubermensch dies, he just takes a 3 day weekend, and conquers Hell.

If you want to blame Christianity for everything bad that happened when the West abandoned its faith, then you must also credit it with everything good that happened while it still believed.


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