Are Supporters Of Open Borders Capable of Rational Thought?

As much as opponents of open borders which to imagine otherwise, all that term really describes is a free market for human labor. In the presence of immigration restrictions, both sellers and buyers are forced to pay higher costs for foreign labor or else buy only domestic labor. Regarding the economics of the situation this is effectively no different than taxing a foreign product – and in many instances it is literally no different than imposing an import quota on foreign labor.


None of this will make a very compelling case to people who oppose immigration for racist reasons. Their loyalties are not to economics or production. Their loyalties are to their clan. Their motives are no different than those of the Taliban: They would prefer being tribal chieftains who sleep on dirt floors than middle class schmucks who sleep in the climate controlled marble palaces.

– Ryan Long at the blog Stationary Waves

Hello Mr. Long,

Apparently you think of yourself as a defender of truth and a teller of cold, empirical economic facts. But the problem is that despite reading the Crimson Reach’s blog, you have failed to appreciate his point — which was not that complicated to begin with:

Meanwhile – although of course, libertarians are probably less likely to see it this way – immigration is a deeper and more serious and meaningful act than merely ‘getting a job’. ‘Citizenship’ means something, over and above which ‘job’ you have. To immigrate to a country is to seek to permanently settle oneself among a different nation-state; essentially, to join that nation as one of theirs. To materialistically and reductively summarize such an act along the ‘employment’ dimension only is to rob it of 99% of its meaning, import and motive.

Regardless, a national government to restrict immigration is a completely different animal from ‘inserting themselves between willing employers and willing foreign workers’. In particular, there is no reason to believe that any given would-be immigrant has a ‘willing employer’ and for that matter there is no reason to believe that any given would-be immigrant is ‘willing’ to be a ‘worker’ for anyone in particular. Could it be true, in some cases? Sure. But is that a fair summary of what immigration (and thus, restricting immigration) actually is? Not at all.

Anyone who is intellectually honest knows all this and should acknowledge it instead of continually trying to blow smoke in peoples’ eyes and win over their emotions by playing this pretending game of immigration = getting a job. Of course if they do that then 2/3 of libertarian open-borders arguments implode (not to mention, lose their emotional baggage) so that explains why it persists.

Fake Herzog and the Crimson Reach — two “racist” American tribal chieftains sleeping on our dirt floors, looking out for our poor clans, hoping to keep the other tribes at bay!


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One Response to Are Supporters Of Open Borders Capable of Rational Thought?

  1. RPLong says:

    Hi Fake Herzog. Thanks for the link. I’ve added you to my reading list. Let the good times roll!

    I’m working on a response to SC’s new point, which was actually made much better by Simon Grey earlier in the week. Not sure if you caught it, but assuming you agree with RWCG, you will definitely agree with Simon Grey. Here’s the link:

    I’ll try not to keep you waiting too long on my formal response, but here’s a quick preview: It looks like you’re claiming that wielding control of the commons (i.e. the border) is an exercise of your private property rights, while I see this as being a rather tenuous claim.

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