A Couple Of Changes

Just a quick note to my thousands three readers — I decided to updates my links to remove “Aretae” and “OneSTDV” who were both good bloggers but decided to take down their public blogs.

In their place, for now, all I added was the blog “Stationary Waves” — I figure if I can make fun of Mr. Long and he has the guts to come over here and read my criticism, the least I can do is start reading him more regularly. I have to admit that so far, I like his fitness advice, find that he links to other good libertarian bloggers on economic issues, but remains annoying when it comes to immigration and race. So YMMV.

One question for him, in case he pops over here again — since you seem to be a fan of Bollywood I wonder if you’ve seen the film Three Idiots? It was recommended to me and then the (Indian) guy who made the recommendation gave me a bootleg copy to watch on DVD. The problem with this (besides the fact that I was breaking the law) was that the copy I watched had really bad subtitles — it was as if whoever made the subtitles decided to only translate about a third of the film. Despite this handicap, I still loved the film! It was surprisingly emotional, clever, funny and the songs were integrated into the plot very well — they felt organic and a part of that world — all the best musicals seem to achieve this quality. Anyway, it would be interesting to get your take and read any other recommendations you might have regarding Bollywood.


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One Response to A Couple Of Changes

  1. RPLong says:

    Thanks a lot for the link. I’m hoping I might someday change your mind on immigration and race.

    Three Idiots is one of my very favorite Hindi films. I saw it in the theater, so the subtitles were pretty good for me. There are a few quirks I’ve noticed from Hindi translations that are always a little clunky. You may have noticed that the concept of “also” is often mistranlated as “even.” So when someone says the Hindi equivalent of, “I think so, too,” the subtitles often read, “Even I think so.” Once you start watching a lot of Hindi movies, you get a feel for these things, and suddenly even the really bad subtitles start to make sense. But they’re still always worth a laugh.

    Delhi Belly is a fantastic, edgy Hindi comedy (well, as edgy as Hindi films get, anyway). Cocktail was my “movie of the year” for 2012. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is another good modern Hindi comedy. For romances, I think I Hat Luv Storys is still my favorite. Lagaan has its cheesy moments, but if you can get past them, it’s actually really good, and features probably my favorite Hindi film song/dance sequence ever. If you like high drama, then it’s tough to top Dobhi Ghat. (As you can see, it’s hard to go wrong with Aamir Khan, but you should probably avoid Ghajini.)

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