Teamsters for Yitzhak Rabin…

…because everyone knows that truck drivers love the Jewish State and assassinated Israeli Prime Ministers get special love!

And Local 700 gave $25,000 to the New York-based American Friends of the Yitzhak Rabin Center in 2011, Labor Department records show. That group honored Coli and Emanuel in June 2012 at a Chicago Hilton and Towers gala that collected more than $650,000 for the Rabin Center, a library and research center in Israel.

More sleaze here. What’s amazing is that the rank and file don’t freak out and rebel — I guess they feel like they are getting good results from Coli? Any Teamsters who read this blog want to weigh in?


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One Response to Teamsters for Yitzhak Rabin…

  1. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda says:

    nowadays, more Roman Catholic children take the Mass in Modern Israeli Hebrew than do in Latin.

    There is a very strong Christian presence in the Israel Border Police, which is actually a gendarmerie (policemen organized in military formations – think of the Carabinieri), not an Immigration authority.

    Virtually every “soldier” in Jerusalem itself is ACTUALLY a Border Police officer. The “tell” is the emerald green beret and a shoulder patch that shows a brick guard tower.

    PS: they are fully qualified infantry soldiers. No training in crew-served weapons, but HEAVY exposure to how to win a street fight with a crowd that’s throwing Molotov cocktails.

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