Welcome to 2015

Dear faithful readers (all three of you — and I think you may all be spam bots),

This blog has been dormant for the second half of 2014 and quite frankly wasn’t that active in the first half of 2014. What can I say — I’m lazy I have many responsibilities and write for a group blog (that will remain nameless to protect my anonymity) and I just don’t have a lot of time to share my goofy thoughts brilliant insight with the rest of the world.

I hope to change that in 2015 — expect to see a lot more activity here with shorter, more frequent posts as well as some longer pieces that I wrote last year but never got around to publishing. So in the spirit of short and pithy blog posts, here is a good one:

I’m catching up on an old The Atlantic magazine (I think it’s time to cancel that lame subscription) and these two headlines on the cover caught my eye:

1) “The Art of Being Lena Dunham”

2) “The Greatest Scams of All Time”

Couldn’t the editors have saved some cover space and just included the article about Dunham with the second article? That’s all for now!


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3 Responses to Welcome to 2015

  1. Allow one of your non-spambot readers to say that I hope you follow through on this! I stumbled onto your “Wendell Berry is Insane” post a while back, and immediately became a faithful reader.

  2. I could be a spambot. What are the hours?

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